Aphasia: Slow Down & Listen | Campaign | University/Client Set Project
Aphasia Slow Down and Listen is a campaign aiming to raise awareness about how to effectively communicate with someone who suffers from Aphasia. Stroke Hub Wales wanted to create a resource that promotes effective communication between clinicians/ the public and people who suffer from Aphasia. This would also have to be educational element to the resource as they want to raise awareness around what Aphasia is and what it means. It needs to promote being patient with somebody who suffers from Aphasia, allow different ways of communication to be effective.

Concept & Design
The campaign idea that I created in relation to this brief was called Aphasia: Slow Down & Listen. The aim is to encourage people to take the time to slow down and really listen to someone who suffers from Aphasia. The use of the comma is to symbols taking a pause and a deep breath. When people see a comma, they pause and take time which is what the campaign is asking people to do in order to communicate effectively with someone who suffers from Aphasia.
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