Dissertation Design | Editorial Design | University Set Project
In my dissertation I took recycling and sustainability symbols from food packaging and analysed them using semiotics. It aims to evaluate their effectiveness to communicate to consumers. It has been argued that consumers have difficulty understanding labels around the topic of sustainability. Using semiotics as a theory this research project aims to find out what is confusing about the labels on packaging.

Concept & Design
The main concept for this piece was focusing on the recycling labels that I have analysed within my dissertation but also using the main labels off food packaging for visuals in the final spreads. The spread use green as the main colour as this is a colour often associated with sustainability, recycling and the environment. 
The dissertation would be presented in a box that mimics a recyclable cereal box. I designed the editorial so that the format size was the same as ceral box to give an essence that the dissertation was related to food packaging in particular. 
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