University Project
ISTD Competition 
• Print Design​​​​​​​
Friluftsliv (free-loofts- liv) is a Norwegian concept that encourages people to reconnect; and develop a unique and authentic relationship with nature. When translated into English, Friluftsliv loosely translates to free air life, asking people to engage with an outdoors lifestyle. 
The outcome celebrates the content through a series of maps. The series of three double sided maps asks the viewer to consider taking a deeper journey in reconnecting with different natural elements and landscapes; air, water and earth. Map one underpins the context of Friluftsliv and its origins while maps two and three apply the concept typographically, providing primary and personal examples of experiencing the true essence of Friluftsliv.
Imagery for open water swimming map was taken by Chris Hill. Check out his business at: https://www.recoverylabuk.com
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