Rhythmic Notation | Final Major Project | University Project 
Rhythmic Notation is the exploration of the sport, Rhythmic Gymnastics, through reimagined symbols of the sport designed with the characteristics of the sport in mind. Rhythmic Gymnastics is a combination of dance, ballet and gymnastics and my own personal passion for the sport led me to creating the project. Taking inspiration from the sport itself and research into dance notation Rhythmic Notation has been developed.

Concept & Design 
The symbols relating to movement in the sport have been reimagined using the characteristic associated with rhythmic gymnastics. A bright contrasting colour scheme has been adopted to spark interest in the project and also reflect the hard work that goes into competing in the sport. The animation in this project is a visual interpretation of a rhythmic gymnasts hoop routine through the use of the animated symbols. From research into dance notation the animation has four layers to reflect the four different types of movement. 
1. Relationship between movement and music
2. Movement of the body
3. Relationship between movement and space 
4. Relationship between movement of the body and movement of the apparatus. 

Concept & Design 
I have also developed a book and series of posters to help the viewer to navigate the meaning of the symbols. The book has 5 different sections, four explaining the symbols linked to movement (rotations, balances, leaps/jumps and apparatus handing. The 5th section of the book explains the four layers of 'rhythmic notation in depth. ​​​​​​​
In the book there is also opportunity to scan pages to see video content of the movements overlaid on the page. This also helps the viewer to understand the movement of the sport while physically seeing the movement that the symbol represents, as there are times where the symbol shows no relation to the physical movement.
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